A celebration of the women with Rebel Souls, Golden Hearts and Iron Horses.

Books will be available Jan 20th, 2018 on Amazon.com 

 Inspiring future Rebel Souls.

About Sarah & The Book

Help Inspire the Next Rebel Soul!

Sarah Andreas is passionate about touching the lives of women who have rebel souls. Being a rebel soul herself, Sarah first felt the desire to learn to ride a motorcycle when she was 17 and she passed a woman who was riding a motorcycle.   

Sharing Your Passion

However, it was not until she was 28 that she received the encouragement and support that allowed her love for iron horses to become a true passion. Serving as a committee chair for Ladies Adventure Weekend (LAW), a ladies only riding event in Dover, Ohio for the past 7 years, Sarah has met women who have that passion as well. 

Share Your Story

She decided to write this book to celebrate women who ride motorcycles and inspire others to ride after having lunch during LAW. When she walked up to the cashier to pay her bill. The young lady was about 20 years old and she was shy. But she said, “My boss said that I should talk to you, she saw that you all rode motorcycles in and I have always wanted to ride. But I am not sure how to get started.” 

That comment reminded Sarah of the courage it takes to ride. She decided to write the Women who Ride: Rebel Souls, Golden Hearts and Iron Horses book.  Visit the Call for 2019 Submissions page for more details. 

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