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What if I am not a great writer?

That is ok...We want your story, the heart of your experience. This book will go through 2 edits and several proof readings... Be BRAVE!

Do I get paid?

Publishing is expensive but I want your stories. So,   NO FEE to participate in this publication. NO OBLIGATION to purchase printed books. NO royalties are given for selections accepted. Books are published through: WiseWood, LLC.  

What kind of story do you want?

Stories related to women who ride motorcycles. See the Call For Submission page for more details. 

We will take more than one story per women rider. But they have to be submitted individually. 

What happens if my story is/is not chosen?

Chosen: You will be notified and I will send you a contributor agreement. You will also be able to buy your book(s) directly from me at a big discount off of the retail price.

Not Chosen for this edition: I am receiving many stories so there is a possibility that some stories will not fit into the current book. I will notify you and I will also keep you in mind the the next book. I will make sure I let you know about it. 

When Will Women Who Ride II be published?

Jan 2019. I know that seems like a long way a way but it is just 1 year from now. The call for submissions is now until Oct. 2018.

How do I submit my story?

You can do it online or email it to